CYNTERGY – The Architects Behind The District

The District was designed by Cyntergy, a full-service architecture, engineering and construction services firm based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In designing The District, the goal was to incorporate MidAmerica’s history, create a “sense of place”, and feature a space for people to gather.

The architect set out to encapsulate MidAmerica’s rich history, including its development after WWII, in the design. Cyntergy used original wood from existing structures and studied historic photographs for inspiration. This resulted in beautifully designed elements with a nod to the 1940’s, including gabled roofs, horizontal cladding, and uniquely textured front facades.

Cyntergy strived to create a “sense of place” with intimate building arrangements and familiar textures creating unique place that is unlike any industrial park.

Most importantly, The District is a place for people to gather. They can do so in the new public event center, The Bunker, located in the heart of The District. The Bunker is an open, high-ceiling area with six overhead doors that can adapt depending on the needs of its guests. It can be a public market, a continuation of the adjacent patio, or a covered concert stage. This creates an exciting experience for visitors because the flexibility allows for spontaneous gatherings, in addition to organized events.

The District is unlike anything in the area and will create a vibrant atmosphere to draw in people from all around.